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Most of us prefer to transfer files via email, which means you just attach the file to the email and send. The problem is that most email clients have an attachment limit that can prevent you from sending larger files.
We understand this can be frustrating and so we are happy to provide you with alternative ways to transfer your art files to us.
OPTION 1: Online File Transfer (For LARGE files exceeding 7MB in size)
Step 2. Select the files you wish to upload.
Step 3. Be sure to reference your PO# and company name on the message field.
Step 4. Hit Transfer. Wait for upload to complete.
That’s all! You will receive an E-mail confirmation shortly, once your files are received.
OPTION 2: Via Email (For files smaller than 7MB in size)
You can send your art files to and please insert PO# and company name in the subject line.
OPTION 3:Use our Artwork Upload Form Below (For files smaller than 7MB in size)
If using Option 3, please note: Files must be uploaded one at a time. Accepted formats: .ai, .eps, .pdf, .jpg, .tiff, .png, .psd.