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Case Studies

PRODUCT: Cotton Cup Sleeve (Item # 2CSL0503NAT)

OBJECTIVE: A neighborhood cafe was about to celebrate their 5th year of being in business. They wanted to reward their "regulars" with a little "thank you for your business" giveaway. They were looking for a product that would also provide them with good brand exposure to entice future customers.

ACTION: The distributor's first idea was naturally to offer a cup holder. There are many cup holders available in the promo products industry. However, not all are reusable and only one is made from 100% cotton making it the most eco-friendly cup sleeve option available. So, the distributor offered the client the Cotton Cup Sleeve, featuring a convenient back pocket and ideal imprint area for the Cafe logo to shine! Needless to say the client loved it.

OUTCOME: The Cotton Cup Sleeves were handed to all the cafe regulars as they ordered their daily coffee or hot tea. Soon after the giveaways were distributed even less frequent customers began to request their Cotton Cup Sleeve. Also, new customers began to come in mentioning they'd seen a friend's cup sleeve and wanted their own too. The cafe had to order more sleeves! With so many customers bringing in their own reusable cotton cup sleeve the cafe was able to reduce their use of single use paper cup sleeves, which resulted in measureable saving for their business.

PRODUCT: Lucent Laptop Messenger (Item # 7LLM11512)

OBJECTIVE: A technology school had just completed renovations to their computer science department. As part of their plan to increase enrollment they contacted a local newspaper, which agreed to do a story on the school. In this story the school would advertise a free giveaway for those who signed up for a campus tour and made an appointment to speak to a career counselor. The product would need to be of relevance to the computer science department.

ACTION: The distributor offered the Lucent Laptop Messenger. The school wanted their school logo imprinted on the front of the bag. They also had put literature about the newly renovated computer science department in the messenger bag. The laptop messenger is a classic bag that doubles as a computer bag, which was perfect for the school.

OUTCOME: After the story ran in the local paper the school saw an increase in the number of campus tour signups and counselor appointments. Once the semester started teachers noticed some students coming into class with their branded Lucent Laptop Messenger Bag. This product was able to increase enrollment rate, and also proved to be a great branding tool for the school.

PRODUCT: Fold-N-Go Wave Handle Bag (Item # 2FWH1623)

OBJECTIVE: An annual Breast Care Alliance Walk wanted to use a reusable bag to put the "freebies" in, instead of a single use plastic bag. The Walk was expecting over 1,000 participants, and they needed the bags by the next week.

ACTION: The color pink is the preferred color for breast care events and paired with the popularity of bags that can conveniently fold into their own compartment/pouch made our pink Fold-N-Go Bag the ideal product for this event. The distributor requested a free sample and presented the bag to their client. She informed the client that this bag could be imprinted on 3 different locations providing maximum exposure to their cause. Plus, a 2 day rush service was available which would allow the bags to be imprinted and delivered just in time for the event.

OUTCOME: The bags were handed out to all participants during registration day. Switching over from single use bags to this reusable, portable and branded Fold-N-Go bag created positive feedback from the walk participants who stated they would re-use this bag in hopes of spreading cause awareness. The 15% increase in registrations the following year can be attributed to the exposure provided by this branded product!

PRODUCT: Econo Cotton Tote (Item # 2ECT1516NAT)

OBJECTIVE: An organization focusing on family literacy was looking for subtle yet effective ways to encourage parent participation in programs aimed at improving their literacy skills and educational attainment. The goal was to educate parents to be better equipped to help their children succeed in school.

ACTION: The organization compiled educational handouts aimed at sparking interest in program participation along with a number of coupon incentives from local business which could be redeemed with proof of program participation from both parent and child. These materials were then inserted into The Econo Cotton Tote, which was printed with the organizations logo, and handed out during daily child pickups and community events. Thus, the Econo Cotton Tote served as an effective promotional tool for the organization and an educational tool for the community.

OUTCOME: The organization saw an increase in parent enrollment from existing members as well as an increase in new enrollments from both children and their parents. Both children and parents began to re-use the Econo Cotton Tote bringing it into the classroom as their ?school bag? or carrying it with them during their daily activities. The Econo Cotton Tote helped bring exposure to the organization and to the services they offered to help improve family literacy.

PRODUCT: Executive Tote (Item # 2EXE1716)

OBJECTIVE: Solar Smart, a solar power panel installation company, needed a reusable bag give-away for the Solar Power North American Show. They wanted to give-away a reusable bag for the show because it coincided with the company?s core values of being an eco-friendly source of energy. They also wanted to have their full color logo but were not sure if that was possible. Industry: Renewable Engery

ACTION: Solar Smart got in contact with a distributor who offered the Executive Tote. It was everything they needed from the eco-friendly material to the ability to imprint with Color Magic (full color heat transfer label). Solar Smart?s pre-show marketing included an eblast where they advertised that they would be giving away a free bag at the show.

OUTCOME: During the Solar Power North American Show, Solar Smart handed out the Executive Tote out to potential customers who visited their booth. The free bag incentive resulted in an increase of 20% booth traffic over the previous year. Solar Smart also noted an increase in the number of estimate request applications in the months following the show.